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EKOM academy - service trainings

Technical consultation on a daily basis helps our partners to improve their acquired knowledge, but actual full information about our products they receive at  the annual service trainings, which usually last one day. Our product managers who carry out our trainings, introduce participants to the basic concepts and terms associated with the function of oil-free compressors.
The theoretical part is followed by practical examples and solution of scenarios. Service trainings are organized in the premises of Ekom but also at the headquarters of our partners around the world.
Since the beginning of 2016 we have already trained 305 service technicians and most of these service trainings were carried out abroad. Among the first training sessions that took place this year, was training in Dubai, followed by several trainings in Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Romania, the Czech Republic, France, Iran and India. Further training, this time for partners in Latin America, is on schedule in late August in Miami, Florida.
Main motive of our training courses is the phrase "we learn together". Why? We not only teach, but we also are tought by our partners as these trainings are one of the unique places to receive valuable feedback from our customers.


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