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Arrival of summer woke up dragons in Ekom

22.06.2016   EKOM LIFE, EN
The event is a part of Annual opening of summer spa season.
On the 180 meters long track were 12 crew competing, each crew was formed by 20 paddling members and 1 drummer. The condition for participation - to have in a  team at least four paddling women. The main race was again the competition for the Cup of mayor but there were also additional categories available, as FUN crews and school teams.

In addition the the home team Neptun Club, whose members several Ekom employees are as well, this years race crew made of Ekom employees also participated
under the name Ekom Dragons. Thanks to support from company management, members of crew Ekom dragons experienced unforgettable team building during trainings and during competition as well. As expected, Neptune Club defended last year's victory. Crew of Ekom dragons ended on a beautiful third place in the category of Fun Crews, but with the same joy as it was first place!


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